Thursday, April 12, 2012

This morning I looked in the mirror

This morning I looked in the mirror as I usually do; and I saw a face that I don’t always like to see – a pale face with lips bordering on being that deep red or bluish in color. This is not a good sign – to me it means something is wrong. I’m not sure if it means an increase in medicine is needed or an increase in oxygen. We have been trying to lower the oxygen so I really don’t think it is that. I guess I should write to my doctor – dah.

The morning started as is typical for me and as the day progressed it went from bad to worse. Something that is not a good thing when you are SICK… and it’s not having a cold sick but a having a life threatening disease sick. I have pulmonary arterial hypertension. A disease of the lungs and heart. If you are not on proper treatment or medication, you can and may be very short of breath; have a bluish tint to your skin; chest pains or heart palpitations; swelling of the ankles, legs and belly; dizziness or even pass out (not usually all of those symptoms at one time but possibly several) – typical symptoms for several heart or lung related diseases. I guess that is why it so difficult to diagnose.

Tom came over a little early today and I went to the kitchen to start the “we have left over ham from Easter and it’s time to make pea soup”, soup. I got out an onion, went to the counter and almost screamed – ANTS were on my counter. YUCK, YUCK and YUCK!!!! I got a paper towel and my spray cleaner and went at it. Cleaned the whole counter off and then noticed some more ANTS climbing up the side where the sink is YUCK, YUCK and YUCK again!!!! Then I noticed those critters on the floor, I was being invaded. I was spraying and wiping and got out the vacuum cleaner (Tom used that) and away we went. I checked under the sink and found some ant traps (but no ants) and strategically placed the traps on the floor and at the edge of the sink. I thought we finally had things under control so I started with the soup.

I diced the onion and put it in the pot to get them that light golden brown and I worked on the carrots, again dicing them. Dicing takes time and also energy and I looked over by the sink – guess what ~ MORE ANTS!!!!! I got out the vacuum cleaner again and attacked them, then I figured as long as I have it out I might as well do the dining room and living room… I put my IV Remodulin pouch over my head so it wouldn’t fall off my shoulder and away I went. I cranked up the 02 a notch and started on those two rooms… Tom sat and watched TV or tried with all the added noise. I finally finished and went back to the kitchen…. AND MORE ANTS.

The vacuum cleaner was in use again, for some reason they were heading toward the doorway that leads to the dining room, creeping along the floor at the edge of my braided rug. We lifted up the rug and no signs of the little beast there; so apparently they were using that as a guide. But where were they going? I have a small “door mat” at the kitchen door and no little beasts there either and I thought after we looked under that one that that rug has seen better days and needs to be replaced. Here I am being invaded by ants and I think about a door mat. We decided to head for the local hardware store; buy a door mat, some more ant traps and some ant spray. Off we went.

We bought what was needed and headed back to my home. MORE ANTS!!! But not as many as with previous trips to the kitchen. Out comes the vacuum cleaner once again and actually I left it in the kitchen the last time I used it. Tom sprayed in the basement, just in case. I put out a couple more ant traps and I’m keeping my fingers crossed – trying to get those toes crossed too that they will finally be under control.

So the counters were washed and disinfected, the floor was also washed (guess I forgot to mention that one), the rug was vacuumed several times and the soup was made and is very tasty. I haven’t been to the kitchen in about an hour and I’m not sure I want to go there. Tom said before he left he will probably itch all evening thinking about all those ants – I said how do you think I’ll feel. :o(

Well, I went back in to look at that face in the mirror and with my exceptionally busy workout today, and it’s still pale!

Always remember to smile – it’s contagious.

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