Monday, April 9, 2012

Spring has sprung

That is a phun saying – spring has sprung, the grass has riz, I wonder where the daises is? The bird is on de wing, ain’t that absurd, I always thought the wing was on de bird.

Today I went out to the house (where Tom lives and I used to) for Easter dinner. I was focused on the drive out and making sure I had what I needed to bring. It’s a family dinner and we all bring something; Tom cooks the ham or whatever we may be having for our holiday dinner and the rest of us bring the fixins. Menu: ham, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn, salad, deviled eggs, pickled eggs, rolls and for dessert 3 pies. Since I have to moosh my food for another 2 weeks, I had the potatoes (both) and a deviled egg. I must admit it isn’t a pleasant thing to moosh food in general and pies especially. They always tell you eye appeal is important when you eat. Well, my thought is, it all goes to the same place and I’m sure it isn’t pretty looking when it gets to where it’s going, so I’m just helping it along.

It was a great dinner, the table was set for 10 and our daughter and family of 5 from IN couldn’t make it. I don’t get to see everyone as often as Tom does. He lives closer to the other kids and of course he can get out more often than I do. (He sometimes stops on his way back from my place; they live just down the road from him.) Great conversation and several times there were 3 or 4 conversations going on at the same time… it was phunny to pick up on one, lose part of another and then try to figure out who was talking about what. Did tickle my phunny bone and it was great. Talking is great exercise for the lungs, ya know.

After dinner we sat around and talked some more. Then dessert. Either apple pie, peach pie or pumpkin pie (Tom’s favorite). I had a small slice of each which was the equivalent of about one normal slice and mashed them down good. Dollop of whippy cream added a special touch.

Naturally, I ate too much and when I do that I have difficulty breathing. Having pulmonary hypertension I have to be careful about filling my belly too full. Too much fluid, too much food; all that pushes against your diaphragm which in turn pushes against your heart and lungs. Some do not have that problem, but I sure do and it is very, very frustrating. What’s that term – portion control??? I try very hard not to overeat; with a family gathering, it’s hard. Even though we don’t go overboard on what is served I think just having extra pholks around, one tends to eat a little more and is was sooo good.

On the drive home I noticed the “green” that is now spewing forth on the trees, bushes; nature showing what she is in general. Some of the “buds” were an apple green in color, some a little deeper green, others had a red tint and some even had white blossoms. Spring has sprung.
The sky was full of those big puffy clouds (Cumulus clouds) that look like cotton candy and reminds me of summer; in the distance I noticed “grey” sky which is not always a good sign and it is supposed to rain tomorrow.

It was a peaceful drive home with lots of sites to see; the trees, the bushes, flowers in bloom, well some of them. Spring is an adventure each and every year; it’s one of my favorite seasons. A new birth, a new beginning.

It all did make me smile and smiles are contagious.
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