Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Well Hold Me Back

This just kinda tickles my funny bone -- and trust me after what I went through the end of June and all of July -- I need my funny bone tickled.

Last week I was switched from Flolan to IV Remodulin... they have been upping my dosage and I have been feeling, well actually wonderful!!!!... still waiting to get more of my strength back so I am spending a lot of time on my puter and less time on that treadmill. Having Pulmonary Hypertension can wear you out.

SOOOO, being the person I am, I was doing my "health review" searching and one of those was through the letters I get from the White House... yes THE White House. With a follow through on one connection about health care, I saw off to the side "schedule a call with the President", so I say to myself -- self what could they possible do to you -- give you a life threatening disease... well, I've been there, got that and even have a T shirt (PHA one and a CAPHS one) Pulmonary Hypertension can bring spice to your life if you let it.

I call the number push this button, push that button and get a recording on how to email to set up an appointment. It was a fast message and of course I did it wrong the first two times... third one was a charm... amazing what one little letter can do. Along with my request for a conversation with THE President I mentioned I am working on having Representatives co-sponsor HR 1030.... :o)

So this morning the phone rings and I answer Hello, this is Merle with the PHA Help Line and I hear a pause and then the voice on the other end says this is Tom from the White House. I said hello Tom and I know exactly which White House you are talking about :o) with a smile on my face (you know how you can tell when someone is smiling) --- thinking it's the Legislative Aide I had called yesterday whose name happens to be Tom. Well, Tom says he was calling on behalf of President Obama because I had sent a request to sechedule a conversation with him about health issues. A pause on my part more like a gasp. Tom then said that right now the President cannot schedule me in but he wanted me to know that he appreciated my contacting him (him meaning President Barack Obama) and just wanted me to know that. WOW... WHOO HOO A call from the Executive Office of the President... to me... WHEW!!!

I've decided I'm going to blog this... I'm happy, happy and I haven't been that way in a while.

Just put another smile on my face and you know those are contagious.