Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Agitation (noun)
1. Anxiety – nervous anxiety
2. Public campaigning – actions intended to arouse public feeling, interest, or support for or against something.
3. Shaking – vigorous or violent shaking, stirring, or other disturbances of something, especially a liquid

Sunday evening my washing machine decided to give me some grief. A load of wash was put in and I checked later on to put it in the dryer. The clothes were sopping wet. Oh no buckwheat. I reset the dial for final spin and went in the other room. I came back and oh, no buckwheat the clothes were still sopping wet. :o(

Now I’m a fairly sensible person. I tend to have a mechanical mind – pretty good common sense (at times) so I thought, hmm let’s try another cycle. I reset the dial and I heard some water drain, then a click and then the final spin light went on and then went out as quickly, then the “it’s over” light went out. I emptied out some of the clothes thinking maybe the load was off balance.

I ran a full cycle from start to finish. The start worked ok but it would not “agitate”. Hmm, again. I was getting agitated myself and decided to let it go for the evening, Tom would be over the next day and maybe he could figure it out. When you have pulmonary hypertension being stressed out is not a good thing, it can make your heart race and then you get short of breath and other things. I took a deep breath and let it out slowly, I took several deep breaths and let them out slowly. Something else that is helpful when you have pulmonary hypertension. It helps calm one down.

The next day when Tom arrived – the weather was accommodating so he was able to drive in to my place. I explained the situation and we were both hoping it was the “belt”. He took the back off the machine and the belt was in place and whole. He looked at this and tried that, had me set the dial to have it spin while he watched, nothing, zip, zilch. Darn. Sounds like it might be the motor or one of those techie things; with my luck it will be a circuit breaker. I do wish it had a reset switch. Seems nothing is simple lately.

I called Sears as it is a Kenmore, a stackable washer and dryer. I was told it would cost $100 for a repairman to come out just to look, then parts and labor; I said thanks but no thanks. Yellow pages here I come. I found two local repairmen and I called the first who set up an appointment for today. He came; he saw and could not conquer. Darn. He didn’t charge me for the call saying he doesn’t do front loading machines. I then proceeded to call the second repairman. He also asked similar questions, model, problem, etc. I mentioned it being a front loader and the water would fill, it would drain but it wouldn’t spin or…. and I was at a loss for the word I was looking for and the voice on the other end said agitate – I said yes and that I was now getting very agitated with it not working… he chuckled. The earliest he can come out is next Monday – next Monday, what am I to do. Double darn.

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