Saturday, January 31, 2009

Steeler Fans

Now I'm not much of a football fan BUT I do know when you live in Steeler Country it is something special to behold and that's not just for the Pittsburgh area. There are Steeler fans all over this country and I'm sure else where in this world. :o)

Now don't get me wrong -- I may not enjoy watching football but I am a Steeler fan. I will root and cheer along with the best of them and it's a thumbs up for a win or a mention of their name. And BTW -- they, the Steelers, need another Super Bowl ring for their other thumb. *;* That would make 6, yes 6 Super Bowl wins.

The first Super Bowl game was played in 1967 in Los Angles and in 1979 the Steelers had their first win. Only 2 other teams besides the Steelers have won 5 Super Bowl Rings. The Steelers really are an awesome group of players and I wish them well. I guess I don't really need to say that as they will WIN... Go Steelers. Over the years the Super Bowl has become the most-watched U.S. television broadcast of the year. Super Bowl parties are a "thing". Team items are a "thing".

One of my friends asked me what the Terrible Crying towel is -- so I took a picture of mine on my sofa.... And this is a little bit about it:
In 1996, Myron Cope, a radio broadcaster for the Steelers, created a gimmic. This has become a legend in its time and in 1996 he gave the rights to The Terrible Towel to the Allegheny Valley School in Corapolis, Pennsylvania. The agency provides care for more than 900 people with mental retardation and physical disabilities, including Cope's autistic son. No proceeds went to Myron Cope and trust me when I say, it's a big seller. Just watch a Steeler game and see them being twirled around.

Here we go Steelers, Here we go.... Pittsburgh's goin to the Super Bowl ~ Here we go....


Now don't forget to SMILE -- it's contagious.


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Well, Glory Be

I know this may be a weird picture for this time of year BUT I just figured out how to get pictures off my cell phone. This was taken last November at the Symposium the Cleveland Clinic had and yes that does say 503 lbs on the pumpkin. Using my head for once, I thought if I just take a picture of the pumpkin it would look like a pumpkin BUT if I took a picture of a nurse NEXT to the pumpkin you would realize just how HUGE it was... HUGE PUMPKIN ---->

Now for the Glory Be part. I'm sure you all get those wonderful automated phone calls about the warranty on your car has expired OR maybe one about getting free dish service for a month if you pay for the installation WELL.... yesterday the phone rang, I answered it and before I hung up on the recording I heard "to be remo".... I was just about to press the off button but I waited. The message said to be removed from further calls press 9 now. I did -- now lets see if that works. Today I received another one of those calls, and I thought.... hmm I wonder if pressing 9 will work on this one. I pressed 9 and I heard my phone number being read off and low and behold the next statement was this number has been removed!!!! Glory Be!!!!

I just had to pass it on. Don't know if it will work but hey, it's worth a try. My thought is once you press 9 be sure to wait for your number to be read... then I believe it will work... I' sure hoping it does. One of those won't hurt to try.

SMILE -- it contagious


Sunday, January 25, 2009

Winter Wonder Land

I want you to note the depth of the snow on my neighbors truck. Where the color changes is the top or hood of the truck. I was finally able do download this picture and believe it or not, most of that snow is still there. Been too cold to melt.

It has been one of those winters -- you know, one for the books. It has been extremely cold and not just here but across the country. We have had temperatures in the sub zero range -- although that is not uncommon, it is not typical; at least not this early in the season. The news said we haven't had temperatures like these in over 10 years. Kinda falls into place with the election :o) that was one for the books too.

I wish you could have seen the icicles that were on the houses too and I wish I had taken a picture of those. Since they can be very dangerous, most of the neighbors knocked them off before they could hurt anyone. Oh well, I'm sure before winter is over there will be more.

Remember to SMILE -- it's contagious,

Merle ~ OHPA

Sunday, January 11, 2009


You know that commercial that has those 'priceless moments' -- well I had one the other night. My daughter called and said that Jerod was having his band concert and would I like to go and see it. WELL, HOLD ME BACK. Me go to one of my grandkids concerts. Don't think I've missed one yet. They range from someone singing in a choir, to a band concert. This was a band one -- the first of the season for 5th graders and the first ever for Jerod.

The music teacher / band leader had the students come out in groups according to their instruments. You know, horns, percussion, woods etc. They came out with huge smiles on their faces -- they were to stand quietly (and I mention this because it is very hard for a 10 year old to stand quietly) and enough time was given for the proud parents to take pictures. Darn, I forgot my camera and knowing my daughter I'll get a copy of the ones she took maybe sometime NEXT year. Just joking, well maybe not. ;o)

The students were in place, the band leader explained that this was the second time they had all played together -- the first time being 2 days before. He mentioned it may be a little bit of a bumpy performance and he was absolutely right -- it was priceless. He tapped the baton on the podium and the music, and I use that term with the deepest respect, began. I did recognize "Jingle Bells", I had great difficulty recognizing the other songs -- along with every one else who attended the concert. Trust me when I say there were a lot there. Parents, Grandparents -- I live in a small community but they are all about the children and very supportive of them.

Jerod was in the percussion section and there must have been at least 12 drummers drumming -- sounds like a song we all know -- any way his position was behind the BIG base drum. You know the one that would be about as tall as he is. It was on a stand and so from where I sat, and actually where anyone else sat, you couldn't see him. BUT, and you have to know Jerod, when a song was done -- two hands would go up in the air along with those drum sticks and they were Jerod's. Just tickled my funny bone. Even the band leader announced how enthusastic the percussion section was -- that end of it.

Those faces I could see were so intense when they played their priceless music. Cheeks puffing out as they blew into those musical instruments, arms moving to the beat of the song (drummers drumming) -- depending upon what the beat was, but it was an awesome perfromance. Some played on key, some did not. Some played in the right tempo, some did not. Again a priceless performance. They got a standing ovation from the audience. A proud and priceless moment.

Now the trip to and from the concert is a whole 'nother story. I have pulmonary hypertension and we have to be very careful when we go out into that cold evening weather -- the temp was in the mid teens. I covered my face, well nose and mouth to protect me from the elements, had my "just in case" bag with me; I was good to go.

Those of us with pulmonary hypertension have to be very careful. It is a rare disease and is life threatening and with no known cure at this time. My thoughts are with the research and trials that are going on, there is hope and that is what keeps me going. So as I have been known to say: SMILE ~ IT'S CONTAGIOUS.