Sunday, January 25, 2009

Winter Wonder Land

I want you to note the depth of the snow on my neighbors truck. Where the color changes is the top or hood of the truck. I was finally able do download this picture and believe it or not, most of that snow is still there. Been too cold to melt.

It has been one of those winters -- you know, one for the books. It has been extremely cold and not just here but across the country. We have had temperatures in the sub zero range -- although that is not uncommon, it is not typical; at least not this early in the season. The news said we haven't had temperatures like these in over 10 years. Kinda falls into place with the election :o) that was one for the books too.

I wish you could have seen the icicles that were on the houses too and I wish I had taken a picture of those. Since they can be very dangerous, most of the neighbors knocked them off before they could hurt anyone. Oh well, I'm sure before winter is over there will be more.

Remember to SMILE -- it's contagious,

Merle ~ OHPA


Teddybear said...

I so can relate - it has been in the single digits for a few weeks - today it got up to 7. I hope you are able to stay warm.

You are in my prayers, love Deb.

TW(Terry) said...

Looks cold to can keep it up there along with those cold temps. Better stay inside and keep the way its 70 degrees outside here na na na nana..........LOL


Nancy said...

Wow, Merle that is a LOT of snow! I am glad that I did not have to shovel it.

When the weather man predicts snow, I am relieved to wake and discover that he was wrong. I say, let it snow in the mountains and leave the rest of us alone.

Jen said...

Man..that is a ton of snow...

I am freezing today and it is in the 30s..LOl warm to you I guess???

Hope you are doing well:))