Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Well, Glory Be

I know this may be a weird picture for this time of year BUT I just figured out how to get pictures off my cell phone. This was taken last November at the Symposium the Cleveland Clinic had and yes that does say 503 lbs on the pumpkin. Using my head for once, I thought if I just take a picture of the pumpkin it would look like a pumpkin BUT if I took a picture of a nurse NEXT to the pumpkin you would realize just how HUGE it was... HUGE PUMPKIN ---->

Now for the Glory Be part. I'm sure you all get those wonderful automated phone calls about the warranty on your car has expired OR maybe one about getting free dish service for a month if you pay for the installation WELL.... yesterday the phone rang, I answered it and before I hung up on the recording I heard "to be remo".... I was just about to press the off button but I waited. The message said to be removed from further calls press 9 now. I did -- now lets see if that works. Today I received another one of those calls, and I thought.... hmm I wonder if pressing 9 will work on this one. I pressed 9 and I heard my phone number being read off and low and behold the next statement was this number has been removed!!!! Glory Be!!!!

I just had to pass it on. Don't know if it will work but hey, it's worth a try. My thought is once you press 9 be sure to wait for your number to be read... then I believe it will work... I' sure hoping it does. One of those won't hurt to try.

SMILE -- it contagious



Colleen said...

You should register your phone number, and your cellphone number, on I've had my phone number registered on there for years, and I haven't got any solicitations!!

Jen said...

Wow..what a pumpkin...LOL

Thx for the info..I also register on to do it again I think..Take care Lady:))