Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Be Prepared

This past Sunday was Boy Scout Sunday at the church my daughter and her family attend. Jerod is now a Boy Scout and Nolan is a Webelos or Tiger Cub -- not sure on that one, whichever is the youngest. I was invited to attend this special service to honor scouts and scouting.

With the exception of the Pastor doing prayer requests and upcoming notices, the whole service was conducted by the Scouts. From the Scout Master, Den Mothers, Scout Leaders to the scouts themselves, a brief history of scouting, the religious aspects of scouting; Bible scripture being read and applied to their daily living. It was a very impressive presentation. Of course, anything involving my grandchildren is going to be impressive and emotional for me... *;* Jerod carried the Boy Scout Flag in and also did a "reading", Nolan helped with the collection and had a proud toothless smile when they all sang their songs.

"Scouting has always been about preparing boys for life," says Chief Scout Executive Jere B. Ratcliffe. "Through the Scout Oath and Law, almost 99 million youngsters have learned to help and respect other people, exercise their minds and bodies and know right from wrong." A recent study by Louis Harris & Associates found that three-fourths or more of Boy Scouts believe the program teaches them right from wrong, helps them feel more self-confident and provides them with new skills. I think we all know this part of scouting.... To be prepared.

And being prepared brings me to one of my adventures that has almost become typical for me. Last Friday, Hailey, my granddaughter (cousin to the above boys), was having a concert at school. As mentioned, if I am able I will attend anything I can that involves the grandkids. Well, it happened to be a night that my friend was coming for dinner; she also was looking forward to seeing the kids preform. So when Mary Lou arrived, off we went to the Middle School; next town over and about 10 miles away. I drove. We were about half way there when my car started to act up. It slowed down when I gave it gas and then it would (pardon my English) fart :o) I haven't a clue as to what would cause this. Mary Lou said be sure when I go out again to have someone with me -- JUST IN CASE. Wow, does that sound familiar. (I might get into that later)

The concert, I think a better description would be talent show, was awesome. Those kids; 6th, 7th and 8th graders were amazing. Some sang by themselves, some in groups of 2 or three. Some had amazing voices, some sang off key. Some played the guitar, some drums one even played the piano. Just brought a smile to my face and tears to my eyes -- and it was soooo LOUD. But a great performance by all. I got goose bumps when Hailey and her friend sang their song. They done good. (I also brought my tape recorder and recorded her singing -- and remembered my camera this time)

The trip back home was pretty much ok, my car did act up a bit but not like on the way over. We made it home, cooked dinner and chatted the evening away and I think maybe my car needs to be used more than once or twice a month.

Now for my being prepared. When I go out anywhere I have a routine of sorts. I have my back up medicine -- JUST IN CASE -- I have enough oxygen, plus extra -- JUST IN CASE -- I bring my cell phone -- JUST IN CASE. I am ready for any minor inconvenience -- JUST IN CASE. Well, Sunday on my way to church, I did have my medicine and oxygen but I forgot my cell phone -- left it on the charger. Dang. I was about halfway to the church when I remembered and I thought to myself -- self, people survived many years without cell phones. I will be fine. I get to the interstate area (have to drive past it) when the car started acting up. Now luckily the speed limit isn't too fast at that point because my car was barely moving. I knew I couldn't stop there as I was on the overpass and I was soooo hoping I would make it across the bridge. I did put my flashers on so those behind me would know I wasn't being some senile old person not knowing how to drive *;* and finally found a spot where I could pull over. Well, low and behold who comes pulling up behind me but a State Trooper. Whoo Hoo. He comes to the car and asks if everything is o.k. I explained that my car was acting up and even mentioned the farting -- well how else can you describe what was happening. It put a smile on his face too.... He said he didn't know that much about things like that and asked where I was going. It would be another 3 or 4 miles down the road to the church. He said he had something to do and would drive out that way after to make sure I made it. I made it -- the church service was great -- I made it home with a couple of fartters... Life is good. I'm not going to get into living life and having pulmonary hypertension and all the restrictions and complications that are involved with that. This is long enough -- read some previous postings.... :o)

Now don't forget to SMILE -- it's contagious



Nancy said...

You've got to love those troopers. They have helped me out many times.

I am glad that you got to church and home safely. Did you find out what was wrong with the car?

Jen said...

Man...Merlie bird..I am happy you are safe..Yes.I try and remember that..Be prepared but you know somedays are better than others..LOL
Glad you got out and were able to enjoy the Grandkids:))

Take care..