Saturday, November 1, 2008

November is here

This picture reminds me of over the river and through the bridge to Grandmother's house we go... well, that special day is coming up real soon. Before you know it we'll be having Turkey and all the fixings -- mashed potatoes - enough for an army, sweet potatoes, brown gravy, corn (maybe even some on the cob), stuffing -- if you're from these parts it's called filling -- go figure... oyster stuffing (yuk on that one), peas, carrots, other veggies and let's not forget the green bean casserole. Cranberry relish, multiple salads, home made rolls, pumpkin pie, apple pie, mincemeat pie, probably at least two of each and I'm sure I forgot some of those fixins.
It's been a while since I was the turkey cooker, now Tom is in charge, I must admit I do get to chop up the onion and celery for the stuffing the night before the feast and I get to bring the green bean casserole -- what's a holiday meal without green bean casserole -- the kids set the table, clear it off when we're done and load up the dishwasher. I get to sit in the other room with my feet up.
As a child I was the official cranberry relish maker... my Mother would clamp the meat grinder to the counter and I would very carefully now.. place those cranberries and orange rind in the grinder and crank away. It was a very important job and I was so proud I was old enough to do it. As I grew older, it was still my job and I still enjoy making that relish - brings back fond memories of family gatherings -- something we aren't able to have as often now a days. Oh, we have our family but not the extended family members like great Aunts and great Uncles and the Grandparents. We are the Grandparents now but our brothers and sisters live too far away to join our feast.
I want to try to write a little more often and maybe if I don't write my usual novel, I could so I'm going to stop now. Guess I'll be writing fleeting thoughts.

Hugs to all and smile, it's contagious,
Merle - OHPA


Jen said...

Are you trying to make us hungry??It worked...LOL :))

I am glad you are going to try and post more..Love to read your stories..What great memories:))

Take care..

Jen :))

phtony said...

Hi Merle,

Now I remember why I gain weight this time of year every year. That sounded delicious!

Hope you & yours have a grand holiday!


Nancy said...


I am glad that I finally found your blog. It is a delight to read. My goodness, you write a lot! I can't wait to go through the older posts.