Friday, November 14, 2008

Not laughing in stitches but the other kind

Some have mentioned it's a BTDT situation or had similar adventures ~ this having pulmonary hypertension can and usually does change your life style but again remember it's a doable disease. Treatments are out there and some of us are on combination treatments, some on a single medication and when our doctors see what our pressures are -- they go from there to see what best suits our individual needs. We are each unique in our needs and treatments and it's so very important to let our doctors know how we are doing and what we are feeling.

A note to my PH doctor after the adventure below. I have a very good relationship with my PH doctor and nurses. They have been through a lot with me and are always there to answer my questions and give me support when needed. The Cleveland Clinic ROCKS....

"I was going to try to tough it out but I can't and Tom doesn't want to go to Cleveland for a 15 minute non appointment. I called my PCP and he will take out the stitches next Wednesday. It will be the DR and not a nurse. The one end is digging into my skin and is really starting a blister, the other piece is almost covered with skin and he might have to slice and dice to get those stitches out. Your thoughts???

I am tired of all the pain. The bottoms of my feet hurt, my ankles really hurt and ache all the time, my legs ache more than they every use to and I am taking Tylenol more often than I ever did. But, hey, I can breathe!!!" I guess I was having a bad day; that was two years ago ~ I am much better now.

Seems when you have a set back, "things" tend to get in the way and you might want to moan and groan some. Go right ahead, moan and groan, it's good for the soul *;*

Melre ~ OHPA


Jen said...

Yes... we need to moan and groan but then we have to move on...LOL

You are really up to Bloggin latley LOl :))


Teddybear said...

Yes...and sometimes we have to laugh as well, even if it hurts, moan and groaning or even venting is part of the nature of this disease.

Anonymous said...

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