Saturday, October 25, 2008

Well, darn it all anyway

I know, don't fall over -- twice in the same day but this really deserves a note. Today was "Trick or Treat" day in my little community and darn it all anyway, I missed it. About 5:30 my door bell rang (kitchen door) and there was a hobo with a walking stick and a space man. Together I heard, Hi Grandma -- Trick or Treat....

Trick or Treat is from 4 to 6 pm so it's still daylight outside. You are to leave your outside light on if you want treaters, if not, they will walk on by. I was really looking forward to this special day. For 5 years I couldn't see all those ghost, goblins, witches, princesses -- all those special people who come and gather up treats. Being on the second floor just made it impossible to answer the door so the first floor would have been a happening thing AND I MISSED IT. Dang!!

I told the boys they are going to have to let me know when these special events happen -- I think I'm a kid at heart because it just gets my juices all stirred up with these special days and I usually get "dressed up" too. The boys were great, they shared their candy with me so I had a special treat too. Hope I didn't miss the parade.

Hugs ~ and smile, it's contagious

OHPA <-- that's my disguise *;*


ali said...

Help me....I've fallen and can't get up. Darn it! I'm sorry you missed the fun.

Jen said...

Well Darn Merle...sorry you missed it..but glad you at least got in on the treats;))

Take care