Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Ceiling -- Part Two

If you note the date on the pictures of my ceiling you will notice it was a couple of weeks ago -- yes Jen a couple of weeks ago *;*

I had sooooo much trouble with the pictures I never posted it -- I also had another picture with the "guys" working -- don't know what happened but I lost the picture and what I posted along with them.. Worked on it two hours this morning, got the 3 pictures the way I wanted and lost my epistle.... then lost the other picture so I decided to leave well enough alone and write this allllll by itself. So here goes.

Since I moved downstairs, about 16 months ago, the ceiling has been in disrepair -- isn't that just a wonderful word... disrepair -- needs fixin is what it is all about. Every now and again I would mention about the ceiling... every now an again I would get a smile -- one of those smiles that mean when the right time comes it will be fixed/repaired. Tom decided he wanted to do the whole ceiling not just those that were stained or missing. Just in case there was a color difference -- made sense to me.... soooooo.... patience is a virtue....!!!! Six years ago the upstairs bathroom sprung a leak and soooo the easy way was to do that repair was from the first floor. New plumbing was put in -- new sink, commode, I kept the old claw foot castiron tub and added one of "those" shower heads with the loop tubing that you hang your shower curtain and shower head from... anyway... the upstairs bathroom was fixed. The ceiling (in my diningroom) was left in disrepair -- I think I'm beginning to like that word. *;*

Well, a few weeks ago, proably a month or more now, we took the truck, went to the big city and bought some ceiling tiles and those runners that they lay on... now that's a start. The future of having a new ceiling was really in view. Whoo Hoo.

I had mentioned to my pastor on one of his visits (it is embarassing to have folks visit and have them think the sky is gonna fall in on them) that I had hoped it would be repaired by Mother's Day -- of course this was last year when I said that :o).... When Mother's Day came and went and the pastor came again -- he said "Well, did he mention which Mother's Day".... I think he has a typical male sense of humor. I'm sure I responded with a pleasant but smirky smile. :o\

My friend who had moved to Florida a number of years ago was up for a visit. Our plan was to go out to lunch so she stopped to get me. I met her outside... we had a wonderful lunch, caught up on not seeing each other (we email and talk on the phone often). We stopped at a couple of stores on the way back. She helped me bring in the "stuff" from the stores so my intent was to show her the apartment and have a cup of tea or coffee. Well, we walked in the door and low and behold I saw some tiles on the floor. Whoo Hoo, Tom had started to take them down. I had mentioned to my friend at lunch about the ceiling but never expected the work to start that day. My standing joke is == which Mother's Day will it be fixed by. She totally understood my frustration.

To be continued....

Smile - it's contagious

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Jen said...

LOL...Merle...Well hope you have a Happy Mother's Day this year;))
I know..I am behind on my Blog now...but resting up after our little PH Slumber party...LOL..We had so much fun but I know everyone is exhausted now...
Take care..