Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Just Not Sure

Well, a little bit ago I received a phone call about doing a brief survey. I usually listen to their spiel to see if I'm interested or not before I hang up. :o) I was asked if I was a registered voter at this address. Ahhh a political one, my cup of tea. I replied, yes I was a registered voter. I'm thinking with all I have been through in the political realm over the past several years, I may be able to put in my two cents worth somewhere in this conversation. He asked if the man of the house was home, I said no -- I didn't lie -- just because he's not allowed to live here... and besides, what does that have to do with the price of peas in China? Then he asked if there was a man who lived here or did I live alone. Hmmm. I answered I lived alone, he said something I couldn't quite understand and I don't think it was thank you and hung up...

Oh bother, did I make a mistake, should I have lied and said "he" was at work. Tom would be here tomorrow, I could have told a little lie, maybe. But then again, I have PH and my thinker wasn't working that fast. You know, lack of 02 to the brain -- the thinker doesn't work as fast as it should sometimes and today is one of those days.

Well, now my brain is working overtime. Am I getting paranoid, do I have something to worry about. Will bad guys come in a rob me or whatever... and I'm thinking the whatever. Get a grip girl. The 02 is kicking in and I'm thinking. So I called the local police -- it's after hours and I got a recording -- if this is an emergency, please call 911. Dah Of course, there were extention numbers for reporting this and extention numbers for that and to call between the hours of... Give me a break.

I remembered years ago there was this guy who would call and ask you to do a survey and then it ended up being an obscene phone call. Does this give you any indication of my thoughts. I got that call and he really scared me -- I am so guliable, I fell right into that trap and that time I called the State Police because then I lived out of town and the number was listed in the phone book. So I looked up the number of the State Police -- would you believe they aren't listed unless you want to report a Homeland Security or Terrorism tip, Missing Person, Wanted Person etc... again it would be a 911 call and I don't think this call would qualify.

The thinker is still working overtime and I looked at my phone -- I now have caller ID (remember I gave up my cell phone so I could get long distance and caller ID) and guess what -- it says unknown name and unknown number. Hmmm, paranoia kicking in again. What's that saying about luck -- what did my doctor say about Murphy's Law and me...

My State Rep lives a couple of blocks from here and I've known him for over 20 years -- actually we use to work in the same "field" before he went into politics. Anyway, I look up his number and call him... got his recording and left a message. I thought maybe he would know if there are any political surveys going on right now. That would help ease my mind. The primary is in WVA tonight, just south of here and PA has already had its primary so why this call, why tonight. I guess I'll have to be patient and do all my calling tomorrow. Bummer

Surprise, surprise, my son-in-law stopped with my grandson, they were out getting ice cream. So I told him my story of woe and he said with most surveys they ask for the man of the house because men are more open. They will give their salary, rent or mortagae info. All kinds of "stuff" that women won't pass out freely. Was he trying to calm me down. It helped some but not much.

I've done all I can for now and I'm not going to worry about it any more tonight and right now I'm not even sure if I'll do any calling tomorrow. This is a very political year and with all that is going on with Obama and Clinton, maybe it was a legit thing.... but maybe not. Just not sure.


Jen said...

I guess that was a little freaky..I probably would have done the same, of course without thinking..You never know now days..Hope you are safe. Now I guess you will start saying he's at work...
Have a great day..Wow, 2 posts in the same week??LOL

TW(Terry) said...

I know you're scared, it's probably nothing but it never hurts to be wary of this kind of thing. From now on Lie through your teeth, a lil one won't hurt.
lol. Your son is probably right, u know us men aren't real bright. Anyway, take care, and don't let this call stress you out.

ali said...

I used to get those calls too..when I actually answered my landline. I have an answering machine that I can hear the messages when they are left so I screen the call if I don't know the number. Works great! My standard response to them is "he is not available". It's true. And if they press it by asking do you live alone. I respond by asking "and who did you say you are". If that doesn't shut them up I repeat "he isn't available (still true) so if you have questions ask me or we are done"....I really dislike cold calls...ali

Tony said...

Awww Merle! - What a scary event - Of course in situations such as these I always defer to the wisdom of Barney Fife..nip it nip it nip it!

"No thank you". Click

Of course plan B might work too: Get a "Protected by Smith & Wesson" sign to put next to your Welcome Mat :-)