Sunday, May 4, 2008

A Hodge Podge of feelings

I probably shouldn’t be writing this right now as I don’t feel too swift but this morning my mind was just whirring and I said to myself… self, you should write this down. I will try to remember but you must remember that I have Pulmonary Hypertension and sometimes the thinker just doesn’t want to think and things just need to be put on hold.

Yesterday I went over to my daughter’s house for a cook-out – the first of the season and it certainly has been a mighty long winter. It was good to get out and “see the sights”. Well, much to my amazement, SPRING HAS SPRUNG, the grass has riz [cut once and needs cut again], I wonder where the daisies is [well, the dogwood is in blossom, the lilacs are out, the trees are spewing forth their leaves amongst all those blossoms – and the colors are just gorgeous – hot pinks, whites, soft pink, the leaves are a granny apple green and some are a deep greenish red – don’t ever remember that before – and mustn’t forget the Japanese Maple – they have that deep red color and are just sharp. My neighbors have one in their yard and I think they also have a blooming quince – my Mother would know, she knew all the names of the flowers and trees.], the bird is on de wing [and I saw a robin this morning on my porch railing with such a big belly that I’m sure within a day or two there will be little chirpers’ singing a song of joy and happiness] ain’t that absurd, I always thought the wing was on de bird… ;o)

It was a little chilly but the spirit of those who were at this impromptu cookout was warm and that’s what counts. It was a gathering of folks from the neighborhood. The kids were sent to knock on their doors and say Mom and Dad are having a cookout, come on over. They cooked burgers, hot dogs and had grilled shrimp, potato salad, baked beans, cheese and pepperoni tray and a veggie tray. I ATE TOO MUCH [I didn’t have a hot dog] but it was most enjoyable. Tom and I decided to go in separate vehicles as he had to stop at the hardware store and he would meet me at our daughters house as it's on his way home -- he would have to backtrack to bring me home; after a while, it was time for me to head home – Tom went his way and I went mine and we left just in time – by the time I got home it started to pour down cats and dogs [I’ll have to look that up and see where that expression came from] but I doubt if it put a damper on the festivities.

Now that the good weather is here I plan to get out a little more often.


Colleen said...

I'm glad you had a good time yesterday! It sounds like a very nice picnic, inviting all the neighbors and everything. How lucky you were to get home right when it started pouring!! I hope you'll be able to get out and about more, now that the nicer weather is here!
Colleen :)

Jen said...

Sounds great and Yummy too..LOL
I hope you saved a bit for your Phriends :))
Glad you got out and enjoyed the fresh air before the rain started...

Tony said...

Happy to see you got out Merle - hopefully it will do you a world of good - it certainly has for me (if you don't count the pollen)


TW(Terry) said...

Well now, it looks like Missy Merle is gettin out and about, glad ya had a good time. Hope things are going good for you down in Poverty Valley, sounds beautiful. Thangs on the hill are good too.