Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fool's Day -- I think not

Today started off pretty typical for a Tuesday. Groceries were delivered around 8 a.m., I can't believe I was just getting up when they came. I put what needed put away and checked my "mail". Not too much this morning but I am so far behind in getting it either sent on or deleted, that I should be shackled to this machine to get it done. It's almost like a chore and I so love this little box that brings so much joy into my life. I chat with phriends, I e-mail so many, I hunt and search on the world wide web. I would be lost with out it.

I decided to change my site -- that usually takes some time and I want to start putting on notes about the meetings. Well, naturally, I ran into some complications so I called tech support, they helped and I was on my way again to changing things when the doorbell rang. It was the cable guy. *;* I had ordered a phone line through my cable company. It's only $2 more than the "regular" phone company -- well for 6 months anyway -- and I would have long distance, caller ID and so much more. Yesterday, I only had local calling. (See below - Incoming Call) I was excited because now I can call anyone, anywhere (in the continental USofA) and any time I so choose. What more could I ask for. I do have to give up my cell phone but I think in the long run it will be worth it.

The line was installed or reconnected or whatever it is they do and low and behold, the phone rang. My phone showed it was Tom calling. Wow, I could actually see who was calling me. I was like a kid at Christmas time -- a new toy. We chatted a bit, he said he would be a little late getting here today but that's fine...

The cable guy left and I went back to working on my site. Frustration, frustration, frustration. I decided I needed a break. Tom came, we had lunch and started watching TV -- pretty much our daily routine. But I am on the PHA Help Line this week so I had a few calls and of course, I usually end up at my computer helping someone find a doctor or maybe a support group; answering questions about PH or just listening to their fear and concern. This really is a dastardly disease and extremely scary when you first find out about it.

Tom left for the day and I thought I would try out my new long distance service... I called one friend in another town and she wasn't home, I called another friend and she also wasn't home. Bummer, my new toy worked but I couldn't share it with anyone right now. Then the phone rang, I figured it was a return call but no, it was a contractors service calling because I had signed up for a "prize" and although I didn't win, I got a courtesy call. She was very polite so I listened to her spiel. When she realized that I wouldn't need their services in the near future, she said "I noticed you answered the phone with something about a help line". Wow, I was surprised and a little amazed that she noticed that. A caring person. She asked me what it was about. I explained what Pulmonary Hypertension is and what the Help Line is about and a little about PHA. It almost seemed like she may know someone with PH symptoms. She asked could she have someone call me to inquire. I said sure, that's what the line is about. Patients talking with those who are either patients or someone who knows someone, a caregiver or family member or maybe a friend. She said God Bless you for doing this, people need people to care. Wow, kinda made my day. Come to think of it, she didn't even use the 800 number...

I think this is the first April Fool's Day that no one played a prank or said a joke or something. It was a very positive day and I don't get many of those. Maybe spring is coming.


Colleen said...

You can try calling me, I'm long distance!! LOL

I have a PH story to share, too! I tutor on Monday and Tuesday nights, as you know. I've been doing it for a long time. Tonight some of the teachers in there were chatting about different things, and living at high altitudes came up. I just made the comment that I could never live at a higher altitude because of my PH. And I was absolutely shocked that one of the teachers said she has a couple friends with PH. I was also shocked that another teacher said his wife might possibly have it!! We spent another half an hour talking about it, and I gave out the PH website, and told the one teacher his wife needs to see a PH specialist! I was glad to be able to help!!

Wendy's Mom said...


I just love you stories you tell on your blog. Please keep coming back and updating it. I feel so much closer to you guys through these blogs.

Thanks for being a wonderful phriend to me and everyone else. It is great that we have phriends like you doing the Help Line. I know if I had of gotten you I would have felt so much better.


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