Sunday, May 9, 2010

Put a smile on my face

About a week ago I had to replace my TV remote. It was among the missing and I think what may have happened is the end table it is usually kept on is right beside a wastebasket... are you having visions of it being bumped or knocked into the waste basket running through your head. Well, that's the only thing I can think of and I checked all chairs and the sofa to make sure it wasn't hiding beside the cushions or under them. Naturally I didn't think of THAT until the trash has been put out for the week. It was getting old anyway, not all the buttons worked; the back button, the mute and another: I had tape around it to keep it together...
So the next day it was among the missing I had to physically get up and turn on the TV, I had to get up and change the channels, adjust the volume do the whatevers that can normally be done with a remote... whew. Now for a normal person this should not be too much of a challenge but when you have pulmonary hypertension it can be. Getting up can be a strain on your heart if your heart isn't in all that good of shape. I wasn't worried about my legs as much as how I got a little sob (that's short of breath, thank you very much) every time I had to get up, go to the TV and make those adjustments. You may or may not know, pulmonary hypertension is a rare, life threatening, progressive and incurable disease of the lungs and heart. Pulmonary hypertension is often misdiagnosed or under diagnosed and can occur in any person, male or female from infant to senior citizen -- and I have it and it's not fun. :o(
Anyway, the next day when Tom is over -- the healthy one, although of late he hasn't been feeling too well -- he makes comments about the remote. So I say lets go to Wal-Mart and I'll get a new one. As I mentioned I really needed a new one anyway.
Off to Wal-Mart we go. We arrive and I head right to the electronics department. We look at 3 or 4 and settle for the one in the middle - price wise. We are getting ready to leave and Tom said aren't you going to look at anything else, I said nope, I'm done. (Haven't been feeling up to par and I didn't want to walk too much around the store).
Well, all the registers are full, people are lined up 3 or 4 deep except for one of those 12 items or less and it was in the back or toward the front of the store. I head for that one and I said to the cashier "You look so lonesome I'd thought I'd stop"... and she said: "I'm so lonesome I could cry".... ;o) That just tickled my funny bone so I said -- "That should be a song tile"... We both laughed. Then she started singing the song and I said who sang that and so the fun began. Tom said Terry Bradshaw (Steeler quarterback from years ago). I said I thought it sounded like something Johnny Cash would sing. She called the manager on those phones they have and the manager said Elvis :o) >
We all laughed as she rang up the one item I had. Everyone of us had someone different in mind. I guess the curiosity got the best of the manager as she came over singing "Hear that lonesome whippoorwill... she said she knew it was Elvis, I said seems more like Johnny to me and Tom said nope it was Terry.... and we all sang "I'm so lonesome I could cry". I thanked her for giving me such a good laugh cuz we sure were laughing and smiling and to have the manager come over and join us... Just kinda made my day.
BUT, it doesn't end there. When we got home we programmed the remote got it all working properly and turned on the TV, checked it out... yep we done good and started watching TV.
I kept smiling just thinking about that lonesome whippoorwill "he sounds too blue to fly -- The midnight train is whining low -- I'm so lonesome I could cry." It got the better of me and I just had to look it up. I hooked up the lap top and googled You Tube and I'm so Lonesome I could Cry. GUESS WHAT -- we were all right/correct. Actually is was a song written and sung by Hank Williams in 1949, also sung by Marty Robbins, Johnny Cash, Elvis, Dean Martin, Terry Bradshaw and several others.
Still brings a smile to my face when I think about it -- laughing is such good exercise for the lungs and I really need a lot of laughing/exercise. I wanted to call and tell the manager and have her tell the cashier but Tom said no...

Remember to SMILE -- it's contagious...

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Ann of the Incredible Gift said...

That's funny how you all thought of different singers... and how you were all right. It's nice when everyone can be right. *giggle*

As I was reading, I was thinking "sounds like Hank Williams to me", and at the end you say that I'm right too.

Thanks, Merle, I'm smiling.