Thursday, May 14, 2009


What is a Mother -- a Mom, a Mommy, a Mum or to some it is Mother...

She's the one who kisses that boo boo and makes it feel better, the one who listens to what you have to say -- and sometimes does not agree with what it is you are saying but still listen. The one who gives out hugs and expects to get many more back.

Mom's are among the ones who help you learn lessons of life -- like baking cookies, some can even teach you how to sew -- some can not *;* ~ how to cook a meal, wash clothes, many of the "daily tasks" that seem so behind the scenes but are there. Many Moms do this but again, many can not. They teach responsibility.

Lessons on how to get along with others and how to make friends -- how to settle an argument. There are volumns to be learned and in return Moms learn from their children as well. They can teach you how to play sports -- how to dance... their circle of knowledge is vast; their teaching ability seems unlimited.

They learn and share their compassion, to feel anxious when their children arrive home later than expected; to feel grief when a child is lost to a greater being or dispair when a child is lost to an unknown disaster of life such as drugs or alcohol ~ when that road of life goes astray.

Mom's, Mother's, Mommies show love, caring, compassion and responsibility -- it does not always show from the viewpoint of a child but trust me when I say they do love their children no matter what.

A Mom

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Jen said...

So true Merle...Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day..that cookie sure looks good;))

Hope you are hanging in there...
how is the increase going?? I keep forgetting to ask you in chat...