Saturday, September 6, 2008

A Slap Stick kinda day

Ya know when you have one of those days like you think you can do something a little extra. Well, yesterday was one of those days. I got up, felt pretty good and thought to myself -- self you need to do something today.
As some of you may remember I moved from the second floor down to the first (New Year's Eve) and I don't care if you move 500 miles, 1500 miles or from the second floor down to the first -- a move is a move and it's very time consuming and physically exhausting especially for those of us with this dastardly disease. Boxes have to be packed, boxes have to be moved, boxes have to be unpacked. I did have the advantage of being in close proximity from my move - from - to my move to and I guess my "helpers" figured... it's all right there is no rush... WELL, let me tell you, I want my "STUFF" down here.
I was lucky in a way, when some came over they would bring a box or two down and I would unpack and put the what evers away. That worked really well... when they brought a whole bunch of boxes down like at the initial move, I became a little overwhelmed and it took me longer. Noticed I was under a lot of stress then...
Anyway back to what I'm about to tell you. Yesterday morning I thought I want "that area" over on the other side of my bed to be a little sitting area -- it's a big room BUT that meant I needed to move my rug at the end of my bed to beside it. WELL, that rug is also under my clothes racks -- my 2 makeshift closets -- those tubular kind of racks that you put together -- they are on wheels so I figure, just roll them over and go for it.
Needless to say I should have taken the clothes off first, but I didn't, I wanted to do it the easy way so there I am trying to roll the end of the rack off the carpet, not be on the carpet while doing that and pull the carpet at the same time and not tip the clothes over. It didn't work out too well.... Darn 02 line kept getting in the way so I would scoot that over with my foot while bending to pull on the rug while trying to balance the clothes rack. It was a comedy of errors -- even got me to giggling. At one point I had one corner of the rack off the rug, had the corner of the rug and pulling it gently to get the other end and lost my balance -- luckily the bed was right there and I sat down... OK... let's look this situation over -- I have one clothes rack clear and free of the rug -- I have half of the rug clear and free of the second rack but right now I am balancing that rack and trying to get back on my feet. Ahhh, mission accomplished -- now let's gently start moving the rack a little -- oops the top part came apart and I am holding the weight of the clothes and trying to balance the other end... oops again, the other support fell off and down go all the clothes.... ok, so now it's easy to move the clothes rack.. have to pick up the clothes from the floor, throw them on the bed and move the tham ding where I want it. Oops again, the rest of it fell apart. I had to sit down and just laugh and nobody was there to appreciate what I was going through. All I could think of was those reruns of slap stick humor.
I put the clothes rack back together... move it out of the way... rolled up the rug and put it on the other side of the bed... WELL GUESS WHAT -- it's too big!!!! I was about ready to spit (what I say I want to do when I'm upset) when I decided I'll just roll up the end -- a little two seater is going there and will cover that part of it -- that is as soon as it comes down here -- been waiting 9 months now... see some of the frustration I've been going through :o(
In my head, this will work. I'll have the two seater sofa there, the wing back chair over there and I can sit and knit, read a book or watch TV -- this is the first time I've had a TV in my bedroom. I'm good to go. And if the kids come for a visit -- I'll open up that two seater and they will have a bed. My little sitting area looked perfect in my mind... can hardly wait for that stuff to come down here and it better fit the way it does in my mind...
Oh, then GUESS WHAT... forgot that my daughter had asked if I would watch the kids while she and Kevin went out for the evening. That usually means a sleep over and I thought -- got that space all ready for them... I have a couple of those roll-up put under your sleepingbag roll ups :o)
and put them in my sitting area -- got some extra blankets. The boys slept on the floor and Annette slept with me.
When they came for the kids earlier this morning Elizabeth (my daughter) said: "we'll get that sofa out of here today--she got it for their family room -- i's been sitting in my dining room since forever -- and that means when that is gone I can bring down my hutch and my fancy china... Whoo Hoo... I'm on a roll..
Thanks for listening and hugs to all.


ali said...

Oh Merle,
You can sure paint a wonderfully, frustrating, comedic picture. I felt like I was there watching. I hope everything fits too...ali

Jen said...

LMAO..I could actually see all of that and laugh with ya..(not at ya)
I have that happn sometimes, well all the time when I think I am going to "help" and do something (usually when I am not suppose to be doing it at all)...I had one of those clothes racks in my garage at the apt..tried to move it and it fell apart with all the darn clothes falling on the floor...and of course noone was even home...I just went inside and sat and laughed until I cried....The stories of us PHers..LOL

Well hope you get it all soon and after all that, the stuff better fit and look good;)..I know I moved less than 5 miles and I agree it is NO easier..I still have lots to do but not rushing...

Have a great weekend...Thx for sharing:))


Annette said...

What a great story, Merle! Thanks for sharing your frustrating but funny day!

Colleen said...

Ok, I am laughing at your story! LOL! Somehow, I could picture that all being done on Carol Burnett or something. haha! I understand your frustration with not getting stuff that you've been waiting for. I am supposed to get my grandfather's hope chest. It's been down in my parents' basement for 14 years!!!! I keep telling my mom I will refinish it, but she said she was going to get my dad to help her. Now I told her that's what I want for my bday, just the refinished hope chest. I highly doubt they are going to do it, though. :( Anyway, I understand!! I hope you get your stuff, soon!

Oh, and I have another memorable story. I only moved down the street from my parents. Although a lot of my stuff was packed into all our cars, the heavy furniture was "walked" down here. I remember seeing my dad and my sister's boyfriend coming down the sidewalk with my dresser. In January and snow, no less! LOL!
Colleen :)