Thursday, July 17, 2008

I went out yesterday

The title may sound a little strange but if you knew me you would know that doesn't happen too often. I may go to see my doctor once every 3 or 4 months -- and that's if I'm lucky -- or I will do what I call my toilet paper run once a month -- ya know, when you run out of toilet paper you run, well for me it's a trip in the car, to Wal-Mart; my monthly support group meeting -- that's it, that's as often as I get out. Well, this wasn't a doctor's visit, it wasn't the toilet paper run, it wasn't for a support group meeting. It was too meet a friend and have lunch.
Me go out -- wow -- whoo hoo. An out of this house experience.... *;*
Norma and I have been friends for longer than I can remember -- I have PH you know -- she moved away about 20 years ago and is now living in FL. Last year she came back for a visit and it was the first time in 15 years that the 3 of us got together. Another friend who also lives in FL isn't up here just yet. So Norma toasted for the 3 of us.
They say you are lucky if you have one very good friend -- well, I am blessed with many now but these two are those special ones. The ones you cry with, laugh with and almost get into trouble with. *;* The ones who hold those secrets that no one else knows. Your best buddies, your pals and just life long friends no matter how far the distance is between you.
From now on each year we will try to get together for lunch -- this year it will be staggered. And I guess this means I might get to go out again!!! Whoo hoo.
I'm a happy camper..... *;*


Colleen said...

I have many good friends, but I have 2 who are my bestest friends, and I know just how you feel! They know so much about me, and vice versa. It's scary! lol I'm glad you got to go out, and maybe soon you will get to do the same again!

Colleen :)

TW(Terry) said...

Its great to have those "Best Friends." Its great to have someone to bring back the old memeories and share with. Glad you were able to spend some time with yours. I can just imagine the bull that went on.....laffin