Friday, February 29, 2008

In Coming Call

This just tickles my funny bone every time I think of it. In Coming Call - gimme a break....

Quite a while back the battery on my portable phone bit the dust. So on my monthly toilet paper run to Wal-Mart, I added a battery to my list. Upon checking those out, I realized it was just as cheap or cheaper to buy a whole new phone. Simple math... a battery cost as much or more than a new phone. I love the concept of supply and demand, it really works. So to the new phone section I went. I'm thinking well, if I have to get a new phone I might as well get one that lets me know who is calling. My friends who have those always rant and rave about that feature. If they so choose, they don't have to answer the phone and on the other plus side, they know who is calling or at least the phone number being called from -- did that make sense. The prices were very reasonable and I bought one in the "middle" price range. It had buttons that do this and buttons that do that, I was quite impressed.

When I got home, I read the directions and it says you have to contact your local phone company to start the "service". That should have been a dead give-a-way so I called the phone company. I am told in order to have that service of knowing who will be calling, it will be an additional $8 + per month on my phone bill. I say "I don't think so." I already have my long distance disconnected to save on that expense, why would I add something that I really don't need. So now when my super duper phone rings with all those added buttons on it, I have a message that says 'IN COMING CALL' well dah, what else would it be. :o)

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Colleen said...

I thought this was so funny! I love all the fancy super-duper phones out there, but not everyone subscribes to call waiting or caller ID! I really think they should make that a regular part of the phone service! It's only fair if those neat phones are available to buy!
~Colleen :)